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Connecting educational experience with literacy + equity + diversity

We celebrate the power of diversity and the possibility to liberate and to transform individuals and organizations to emancipatory experiences.  EdConnections primary goals are to provide comprehensive, proactive solutions that:


Connect educators with professional development resources that will empower teachers and administrators;


Promote strategic planning and design practices that enhance diversity and equity awareness in the professional development of educators;


Introduce resources and services designed to address diversity issues common to school districts, organizations and corporations;


Encourage change and inclusive practice through the Curriculum Connections Instructional Model™, which emphasizes rethinking and retooling the classroom and the workplace.


I had the pleasure of having Ed Connections come and speak to a group of 75 teenagers over the summer. The theme of the training session was professionalism and self-branding. The presentation was phenomenal, especially for this usually tough crowd. She was interactive, engaging, and memorable. The presentation also offered relevant tips through the use of a fun and memorable mnemonic that I still recall days after the session. I
- Allyson L. Hall, WIPP Program Director, Pompano Beach, FL